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      Azoxystrobin 95%TC,250g/L SC,50%WDG

      Product Type Pesticide products
      Product Name Azoxystrobin 95%TC,250g/L SC,50%WDG
      CAS NO. 131860-33-8
      CAS No. : 131860-33-8
      Molecular formula: C22H17N3O5
      Molecular weight: 403.3875
      Structural formula:
      Risk terms: R23; R50/53;
      Safety terms: S22; S45; S60; S61;
      Use: Azoxystrobin is a new type of high efficiency, broad spectrum, within the suction fungicide. Can be used for stem and leaf spray, seed treatment, can also be Shi soil treatment. It is almost all of the fungi (Ascomycetes, Basidiomycetes, Oomycetes and semi-known fungi) diseases, such as powdery mildew, rust, green lame, net spot disease, downy mildew, rice blast, etc. are good Of the activity, and with the current fungicide has no cross-resistance. Used for cereals, rice, grapes, potatoes, vegetables, fruit trees and other crops, safe for these crops.

      Liaoning Futuo New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.