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      Liaoning Futuo New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.

      engaged in pesticides, pharmaceutical intermediates and dye intermediates

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      Dicamba 97%TC,98%TC

      Product Type Pesticide products
      Product Name Dicamba 97%TC,98%TC
      CAS NO. 1918-00-9
      CAS No. : 1918-00-9
      Molecular formula: C8H6Cl2O3
      Molecular weight: 221.0374
      Structural formula:
      Risk terms: R22; R41; R52/53;
      Safety terms: S26; S61;
      Physical and chemical properties: density 1.57
      Melting point 87-108°C
      Water soluble 50 g/100 mL
      use: On the wheat, corn and other crops in a seasonal and multi-season broadleaf weeds have a significant effect

      Liaoning Futuo New Energy Materials Co., Ltd.